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creative thinking in math classroom

Creative Thinking In Math Classroom

For years creativity was discouraged in schools. Teachers were imposing strict guidelines kids should follow when doing their assignments. There was ...
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Google Classroom Updates 2017

5 Google Classroom Updates in 2017

Google Classroom is a platform that 20 million students, educators and administrators all over the world use every day to ...
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timely feedback with AWW

Providing Timely Feedback in Classroom

Aspects of Highly Effective Feedback As a teacher, you are certainly aware of the power that feedback has on the ...
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Paperless Classroom

Beginner’s Guide to Paperless Classroom

Starting with Paperless Classroom If I ask every teacher what would make their work better, their answer would probably be - more ...
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embed AWW board into LMS system

Embedding Whiteboard inside Canvas & Moodle

If you are a teacher, you're probably using some sort of LMS system. LMS systems became prevalent these days, as ...
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Bett Show Review

BETT London 2017 Review: Teachers Needs Beyond Technology

In the wake of the Bett Show that took place two weeks ago in London EXCEL center, our team discussed ...
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classroom collaboration inside math class

Guest Blog Post: Collaborating in 3rd Grade Math Class with AWW

Math Class Collaboration on Any Device Any Time As an instructional technology coach, looking for tools that help create a student-centered ...
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Sketchnoting in classroom with AWW

Sketchnoting in the Classroom with AWW

Sketchnoting is really a buzzword these days. You cannot surf a web without stumbling upon a blog post or guide ...
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Export to PDF A Web Whiteboard

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 7

Recently, we have introduced a feature that enables you to upload PDF and PPT files into the AWW board. The ...
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Kindergarten Collaboration with AWW

Guest blog post: AwwApp – A Kindergarten Favorite Collaboration & Creation Tool

To some, technology in the Kindergarten classroom is a very abstract idea; it poses quite a few questions. How are ...
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Visit AWW at BETT Show London

Visit AWW at BETT Show London 2017

AWW is starting this year with a big entrance. Last couple of months we worked hard and made lots of great ...
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Classroom games with AWW

5 Collaborative Classroom Games with A Web Whiteboard

Forget about dull and boring lectures with a teacher pointing on a blackboard with their stick, repeating the words and ...
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INFOGRAPHIC: Top 5 AWW Tools & Colors

We at AWW are always striving to find who are our customers and how they use AWW. We were curious ...
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AWW Permanent Board

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 6

You have frequently asked us about a possibility to have boards that never expire. Your wishes matter to us, so we ...
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PDF and PPT file upload into AWW board

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 5

For the last few months, lots of teachers have asked us about possibility to upload PDF and PPT files into ...
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