Guest Blog Post: Sketchnoting with Chromebooks and AWW app

I am a  Dynamic Learning Project Coach at Parkhill Junior High in Richardson, TX, a one to one campus, using HP touchscreen Chromebooks. I was introduced to AWW app, along with the idea of sketchnoting at the Dynamic Learning Training at Google headquarters this summer. I couldn’t wait to introduce the idea of sketchnoting, using AWW app on Chromebooks to our teachers!  We introduced this strategy to our 7th grade language arts teacher.  They used AWW app to sketchnote while reading a short story.    

I started to write a long blog about what the teachers and I liked about  sketchnoting with AWW app, but then realized we weren’t the voices you needed to hear! Instead, we asked our students, your primary audience, to give their feedback…so here it is what they had to say!

“In class, we have been using AWW App a lot! We used it to take notes on a book we were reading in class, and really enjoyed using it! I personally liked how you could type, draw, and insert pictures too!”

“I like that the program is a full control creative software that allows you to put exactly what your mind creates into something you can see with your bare eyes. It’s an ingenious idea that could revolutionize digital note taking forever!”

“The benefits of the application are that you can customize your screen and draw freely with the push of a button, which separates it from stereotypical document creators such as Microsoft Word. You can take notes more creatively and freely.”

“ Your website is wonderful, I love every little thing at you can do. I’m an artistic person, so I love the draw feature. It’s not ‘chunky’ like some drawing websites, and I’m really happy with it.. I also love how you can change the colors of the text, as well as the size.”

sketchnoting in class with AWW app

We also used AWW app in Orchestra class. We had students draw a musical symbol, and then download the picture to post this padlet.  We would have loved to draw directly onto awwapp, but this teacher was using the free version of AWW app.  After downloading, students decided how their symbol affected music (style, volume, etc), and posted in the correct column.  Our students LOVED being able to create and draw via AWW app, and said that these were their favorite aspects of the app:

  • It was very intuitive
  • I liked that you could download your drawing.
  • I love drawing in awwapp because it has changing color and and eraser.
  • they way you get to express yourself

We also asked our students what they thought could be improved on AWW app.  They said:

“First, when using the eraser i have no idea of what I am erasing until it is gone. I think it would be a good idea if you highlighted the outline of the eraser  of the entire eraser it self.”

“As an experienced beta tester for indie/small devs (as well as an amateur dev myself) I can see the problems my peeve is the hairballs in the script.The panning tool feels redundant, as well as the disappearing text boxes with clicking the outline, overall I believe they are small but very annoying.”

“I think it would be cool if you were able to select your drawing and move it/ shrink it.”

“I was having trouble finding the spell check. You could try to make it its own tab.”

“Sometimes, when I have written a paragraph, I accidentally click somewhere else, making the ‘type here’ thing pop up. I then press the undo button on instinct, to get rid of the ‘type here’, but it deletes my paragraph I wrote instead. So it would be helpful if you added a button that undid your undo. I think it would also be cool if you could change the font of the text, even to some other simple one like comic sans or Verdana or Raleway (from google docs)”

sketchnoting in class with AWW app

We introduced AWW app to our students before version 3, but had them check it out!  Here’s what they enjoyed about the update:

“I enjoy the fact that you can now save the awwapp that does help a great deal more than you may know.”

“the post-it note”

Our teachers were able to use AWW app to enhance lessons that have been done the same way for awhile.  By integrating  your app  students are now able learn and contribute in the way that makes sense to them, either by drawing, typing, writing, or inserting pictures.  Being able to change a task that was previously disengaging to interactive and enjoyable is a huge win for us.  Thank you for creating this app, we can’t wait to use it in more of our classes!

Sketchnoting in the Classroom with AWW

Sketchnoting is really a buzzword these days. You cannot surf a web without stumbling upon a blog post or guide introducing sketchnoting skills, sketchnoting for beginners, sketchnoting resources… And we can’t blame them – sketchnoting is a really great way to enhance your student’s creativity, information retaining and interaction in the classroom. AWW app can help you achieve that.

Why Sketchnoting?

There is a number of reasons why your kids should start making their sketches in the classroom. Sketchnoting is the most creative and individual learning method for kids and is more personal than a classic note taking.

Kids memorize better while taking visual notes. The visual cues in sketchnotes enhance their recall process. When kids are sketching, they are basically organizing information visually and arranging it in a hierarchy. This spatial arrangement of information provides a structural framework for the content.

Kids can arrange information the way that best suits their learning habits and abilities.  Each student has a particular style to portray his or her knowledge of the topic. Sketchnoting allows them to express their style and release their creativity.

Kids are developing listening, organizing and summarizing skills while sketchnoting. Unlike classical note taking, sketchnoting is a higher order process of capturing information. It requires a combination of listening, thinking, visualizing and drawing at the same time.

It’s fun so kids stay focused and engaged with lessons. Try it out in your classroom and watch your kids draw and create their sketches! They will absolutely love it!

4 Components of Sketchnoting

There are four main components of sketchnoting.

  1. Text
  2. Images
  3. Frames/ Containers
  4. Connectors

4 Elements of Sketchnoting

Boost your Sketchnoting with AWW

  • No need for pencil or notebook

With AWW your kids won’t need pencils or notebooks to start making awesome sketches. The only thing they’re going to need is their own mobile phone or a tablet provided by your school.

  • Share your work with the world

There are few things that give so much pleasure like an admiration you get for your work. Motivate your students to master the art of sketchnoting and let them share their sketchnotes with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Include friends

Have your students invite other classmates to join their boards to make a collaborative sketch. Students can use it outside the classroom as a fun and easy learning method for study groups.

  • Drawing options at a glance 

Make your drawing as easy as possible and use AWW advanced tools. Make a circle, rectangle or line with a tap on the board. Type in the text or erase it without hassle. Add files and draw sketches on the top of them. Upload your presentations or images and make your sketches even more visual. Save your sketch and add a missing drawing afterward with AWW templates.

  • Have unlimited canvas

A classic notebook is limited with a size of the page. With AWW you can expand your canvas as much as you need. You can even add additional pages to your board for each lesson or topic and export it as a single pdf file.