AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 5

For the last few months, lots of teachers have asked us about possibility to upload PDF and PPT files into AWW whiteboard. Your suggestions and opinions matter to us, so we rolled up our sleeves and done some work. From now on you can upload your presentations and documents into the board and have a full teaching experience.

What Can PDF/PPT Upload Do For Your Classroom

This feature can transform your reading lessons. If you are an English, or foreign language teacher, this will probably be a game changer for your reading class preparation. Let your students circle out unknown words, phrases or synonyms, and make a group discussion.

Grammar classes can work like a dream! Just upload your PDF and every page of the document will show up in the separate page of the board. Let your students annotate transition words and passive forms with a touch of their fingers.

Annotating with AWW app
Annotating with AWW board. Courtesy of Adam

Make an interactive presentation combining PPT files and multiple pages on the board. Every slide of presentation will show up in the separate page of the board. Students can write their comments and annotate objects in the presentation without leaving their seats.

PPT upload combining with AWW multipage
Every slide is shown in the separate page

How To Upload PDFs And PPTs Into AWW

This is a premium feature, so in order to unlock it you have to sign up for one of our premium plans. Signing up for any of our plans unlocks 30 day free trial. After signing in, go over to a tool bar, and at the end of a lower row you’ll find a tool for PDF/ PPT upload.

PDF and PPT file upload into the AWW app
How to upload PDF & PPT files

Hope you’ll have a nice teaching with AWW!