AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 7

Recently, we have introduced a feature that enables you to upload PDF and PPT files into the AWW board. The experience is now complete, because now you can also export your board content as a PDF file.

Export Your AWW Interactive Presentation into PDF File

You have prepared your lesson PDF file, upload it on the board, and have had your children taking notes, writing sketches and marking words on the top of it. This great interactive presentation will make a perfect learning material for your students. But, there’s a catch – you couldn’t download your multiple page presentation in a nice readable form. Well, we have some good news for you: you can now export your multipage board into one single PDF file and have your presentation at a glance! PDF export is a premium feature, but you can have a 30 days free trial if you register at our page.

How to Export Board Content into PDF

Log into your account and create your board. When you’re ready to export click on the Invite to board button. When the dialog box opens choose an Export to PDF option. Once you click on it, you’ll get notified that you’ll receive your file at your email when it’s ready. Let’s create and export your interactive presentations right away!

Invite to board button AWW app
Invite to board button

Export to PDF file AWW app
Export to PDF button

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 3

Have you ever thought of how it would be really cool to draw something on AWW and than slide to another page to draw something new without the need to erase previous drawings? Well, this is your happy day! We have worked hard on creating feature that will allow you to do exactly that. Now we can proudly announce that  multipage board is out! 

Organize Your Drawings With Multipage Board

Multipage board feature allows you to make separated drawings without using new board or erasing drawings from current one. Creating new page is as easy as clicking on the + button at the bottom of the board. Content of every page is visible to all participants invited to the board.

With multipage board you can easily navigate through your drawings as there is a pagination and the arrow on the bottom of each page. Therefore, there’s no longer a need for using confusing pointer tool. Whatever page teacher is interacting with, students will see that exact page.

AWW Multipage board
AWW Multipage board

Let Your Students Collaborate & Interact

As a teacher, you often need to structure your lessons into differently themed chapters. With multipage board you are able to organize your chapters with as many pages as you need. For instance, you can structure your literature lessons into the pages associated with specific writer.

Using multipage feature will unleash students’ creativity in classroom group assignments. For instance, you can let your students to create educational collaborative comic with a historical person as a main character.

Try It For Free

Multipage feature is a premium feature that is available in all AWW premium plans. You can start a one month free trial by registering at and see how it works for you.

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 2

We can proudly announce that another feature for teachers is out and ready: AWW presents board invitation via QR code!

Simplify your classroom collaboration

Having in mind that simplicity is one of AWW’s key advantages, we didn’t hesitate when you have suggested us this awesome feature. With QR code invitation classroom collaboration is even simpler than before. Teachers can share their boards with students in matter of seconds and focus on what really matters – teaching.


How to share boards via QR code?

There is absolutely the same invitation mechanism as before, only with slight improvement. When you click on the “invite to board” button, QR code will generate along with the invitation link. Right click on the QR code and press “Open image in new tab”. By opening the QR code in another tab in full size on the projection screen, students can take photos of QR codes from their seats. Shared boards will then automatically open on their mobile phones. That easy!