AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 5

For the last few months, lots of teachers have asked us about possibility to upload PDF and PPT files into AWW whiteboard. Your suggestions and opinions matter to us, so we rolled up our sleeves and done some work. From now on you can upload your presentations and documents into the board and have a full teaching experience.

What Can PDF/PPT Upload Do For Your Classroom

This feature can transform your reading lessons. If you are an English, or foreign language teacher, this will probably be a game changer for your reading class preparation. Let your students circle out unknown words, phrases or synonyms, and make a group discussion.

Grammar classes can work like a dream! Just upload your PDF and every page of the document will show up in the separate page of the board. Let your students annotate transition words and passive forms with a touch of their fingers.

Annotating with AWW app
Annotating with AWW board. Courtesy of Adam

Make an interactive presentation combining PPT files and multiple pages on the board. Every slide of presentation will show up in the separate page of the board. Students can write their comments and annotate objects in the presentation without leaving their seats.

PPT upload combining with AWW multipage
Every slide is shown in the separate page

How To Upload PDFs And PPTs Into AWW

This is a premium feature, so in order to unlock it you have to sign up for one of our premium plans. Signing up for any of our plans unlocks 30 day free trial. After signing in, go over to a tool bar, and at the end of a lower row you’ll find a tool for PDF/ PPT upload.

PDF and PPT file upload into the AWW app
How to upload PDF & PPT files

Hope you’ll have a nice teaching with AWW!


AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 4

We in AWW want to redefine the process of learning by empowering teachers with useful educational technology. Therefore, our developer team is constantly working on adapting our features to suite the needs of teachers and students. That is why we started developing set of features that will integrate AWW with Google Classroom. First one in the row is AWW board share to Google Classroom. 

What Can Google Classroom Bring You?

Google Classroom can be considered as the most powerful tool in education technology. It is easy to use tool accessible from all devices. There is a variety of smart ways to use Google Classroom.

You can create an assignment and deliver it with a click of the button. The need for paper wasting is reduced with this tool. You pick from variety of Google Docs from Google Drive to create your assignment. Creating, correcting and validating assessments was never easier than with Google Form quizzes.

One of the greatest things about Google Classroom is sending feedback in real time. Students can make comments on assignments within seconds from their delivery. This is the great way to test how your students feel about your assignment- was it clear, or they need a little bit more help from your side. They can comment privately, so fear from being embarrassed or labeled as less achieving is reduced to zero.

You can also use Google Classroom as an inspirational tool. It is a pool of educational resources collected from a community of teachers. If you don’t feel quite creative or you lack of inspiration to create motivating lesson, you can check on other teachers’ lessons and get inspired by them.

It is a collaboration toolinvite other teachers to join your course and make a group project. Include specialists from different study fields and create interdisciplinary lessons.

Have your introverts to speak up! Stage fright and other limitations of a traditional classroom are diminished for those shy students.

Use Google Classroom as your pin board. Write announcements for your students and their parents using Google Classroom announcements. You can also ask for student and parent feedback sending annual or monthly questionnaires.

GGoogle Classroom share link
Google Classroom share link

Mix AWW With Google Classroom To Make The Best Results

Combining this two apps you’ll make the most of your classroom. Simplicity of AWW and resourcefulness of Google Classroom are winning combination. There are three biggest use cases that will transform your class:

Share your AWW board and use it to create assignments with a click of the button. With a variety of AWW tools, assignments are more creative than ever.

Keep your students in touch by sharing AWW lessons with those that were not able to participate in class due to sickness or other reasons.

Invite senior teachers to your Google Classroom course and use their help, or share it with a group of teachers to make a collaborative project.

Enable Google Classroom
Enable Google Classroom

To unlock this feature you’ll have to sign up on our web page and check the Enable Google Classroom integration box in your account details. When you click on the invite to board button, there will also be a link to share the board on the Google Classroom.


AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 3

Have you ever thought of how it would be really cool to draw something on AWW and than slide to another page to draw something new without the need to erase previous drawings? Well, this is your happy day! We have worked hard on creating feature that will allow you to do exactly that. Now we can proudly announce that  multipage board is out! 

Organize Your Drawings With Multipage Board

Multipage board feature allows you to make separated drawings without using new board or erasing drawings from current one. Creating new page is as easy as clicking on the + button at the bottom of the board. Content of every page is visible to all participants invited to the board.

With multipage board you can easily navigate through your drawings as there is a pagination and the arrow on the bottom of each page. Therefore, there’s no longer a need for using confusing pointer tool. Whatever page teacher is interacting with, students will see that exact page.

AWW Multipage board
AWW Multipage board

Let Your Students Collaborate & Interact

As a teacher, you often need to structure your lessons into differently themed chapters. With multipage board you are able to organize your chapters with as many pages as you need. For instance, you can structure your literature lessons into the pages associated with specific writer.

Using multipage feature will unleash students’ creativity in classroom group assignments. For instance, you can let your students to create educational collaborative comic with a historical person as a main character.

Try It For Free

Multipage feature is a premium feature that is available in all AWW premium plans. You can start a one month free trial by registering at and see how it works for you.

Join AWW Ambassador Program

You love AWW app and want to share your love with others? You are a school technology instructor or edtech conference speaker? Join our Ambassador program and get access to cool benefits.

What Is AWW Ambassador Program?

AWW ambassador program is intended for all AWW users who want to promote and spread the word about AWW on conferences, workshops, and similar events. Specifically, it’s not a financial reward program (we do have a separate affiliate program).

What Can AWW Ambassador Program Offer You?

As a token of thanks, we are giving out a Personal premium plan to every ambassador, for as long as he’s active within the program. Also, this is an opportunity for an ambassador to be among first to try out our new premium features.

Also, we’ll provide you with a special promo QR code and a link that you can share with your audience. The link and QR code include ambassador’s name. Anybody who signs up with your link or code will get 2 months free of any premium plan.*your_name*


Ambassador is considered active when promoting or showcasing AWW in 3 or more events in a school year. Event size is not specified – it can be as simple as a school district meeting, or big as an annual conference. Specifically, we would not require ambassadors to structure their presentation or topic in any way. We would like that the content and structure of your presentation reflects how you feel about AWW and how you use it!

Any person who is legally an adult in United States and United Kingdom is eligible for the program.

AWW Support

Every ambassador will have our support. When entering the program you’ll get guidelines and preparation material with key facts and graphics you could use in your presentations, along with your QR code and link. Moreover, we’ll prepare promo materials (use cases, videos, product updates) that we’ll send you regularly to keep you updated.

How To Join In?

If this sounds good to you – here’s what you need to do. Send an e-mail to with a name, surname and an e-mail address with which you have previously registered on our page. We will provide you with a Premium plan using that e-mail address.

AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 2

We can proudly announce that another feature for teachers is out and ready: AWW presents board invitation via QR code!

Simplify your classroom collaboration

Having in mind that simplicity is one of AWW’s key advantages, we didn’t hesitate when you have suggested us this awesome feature. With QR code invitation classroom collaboration is even simpler than before. Teachers can share their boards with students in matter of seconds and focus on what really matters – teaching.


How to share boards via QR code?

There is absolutely the same invitation mechanism as before, only with slight improvement. When you click on the “invite to board” button, QR code will generate along with the invitation link. Right click on the QR code and press “Open image in new tab”. By opening the QR code in another tab in full size on the projection screen, students can take photos of QR codes from their seats. Shared boards will then automatically open on their mobile phones. That easy!


AWW Introduces New Features: Features For Teachers Part 1

For the past few months, AWW team had worked hard on the market research trying to improve AWW and adapt it for the educational needs. We wanted to design online whiteboard for teachers with their help. So, we asked teachers how do they use AWW, what they feel about it and what are we still missing!

Online Whiteboard for Teachers is Getting Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the features that you repeatedly asked us for were keyboard shortcuts. So, we decided that shortcuts will be the first thing on our developer’s To Do list. Now, we can proudly announce that they are out!

Here is the list of  keyboard shortcuts you can use on our online whiteboard for teachers:

p = pencil
t = text
e = eraser
u = undo
1 – 5 = tool size
i = invite to board


  • space = pan
  • l = line
  • r = rectangle / filled rectangle
  • b = ellipse / filled ellipse
  • m = mark
  • d = PDF/PPT upload
  • h = highlighter
  • v = select (Hold CMD/Ctrl for temporary select)
  • n = notes
  • s = save board

Now you can draw on our online whiteboard without hassle. You can focus on what really matters – visualizing lectures and collaborating with your students.

Features For Teachers Series

This is only the first improvement in our series Features for Teachers.  In the next few weeks, we are adding some more teacher-oriented features in our paid plans. Keep following us and be the first to try them out!