We at AWW are always striving to find who are our customers and how they use AWW. We were curious about what tools you use the most, and what colors you find the most interesting. So, we crunched metrics from the past month. You wanna check them out? Let’s go!

The most popular AWW tools

We have pulled the data from over 150.000 unique drawing sessions. Our goal was to find out what are the most popular free tools. As a criteria, we considered tools that were used at least once in the drawing session. We picked five most used tools out of fourteen tools in total. We didn’t count undo tool in, though. Basic tools are in the first row, and the second one is presented by premium tools.

AWW tools
AWW tools

Not surprisingly, pencil turned out to be the most popular tool with over 33% of total tool usage. It’s an interesting fact that average user uses pencil 5 times per drawing sessions. Second place took eraser with 27%. What came as a surprise, pan tool settled as third most used tool. 11% of drawers used pan tool to move on board and expand drawing space. That is probably the best indicator of the need of multiple pages on a board.

Scissors settled at the lower part of the list with little bit under 11%. Text tool placed at the bottom of the list with only 10% of tool usage. Considering that AWW app is primarily a drawing board, we could assume that results would show something similar. Other tools participate in a total tool usage with 8% combined.

The most popular AWW colors


AWW colors
AWW colors

There were slight smaller differences between color usage, than between tool usage. We picked five most used colors out of eight in total. You seemed to like red the most, as it placed as a number one used color. Red is used in almost three out of ten drawing sessions. Blue settled on the second place, with 16% of total color usage. Blue is followed by black, with its share of little bit under 16%. Green and pink settled on the last two places on the list. Surprisingly, yellow didn’t enter the top 5 colors list.

What colors or tools would you like to have in AWW? If you have suggestions, we would like to hear them. Write us at dorotea@awwapp.com

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Author: Dorotea Knezevic

Head of Marketing at AWW. Google certified specialist, content creator and social media enthusiast