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For me, being able to walk around the class and making a connection with students while delivering a lesson is a must. Being tethered to the whiteboard and having to turn my back to write was just not working. Add on all the wasted time of writing a problem, walking around the class helping one student at a time, then walking back up to the board. Finally, being so far away from the students in my class meant students in the back would be less focused thinking I wouldn’t notice them.

Communicate with all your students – not just those closest to the board

Enter AWWApp. Now, I am able to connect my computer to the iPad using a QR code and walk around anywhere in the classroom to work in whole group, small group, or with individuals. Whole group lessons became much more effective. I was able to walk around the class and allow students to show their work to everyone else. Having my students use the iPad to show their work right there from their desk made them feel more empowered.

Be there for your students when they need your help the most

Found a common misconception? No problem, I just start explaining it and start correcting that issue from wherever I am. Using AWW allows me to be close to those students and make sure they are getting it. 

Present your work on a big screen

Another piece that made it really convenient was not having to write upside down in small group. I would just project it and the screen was larger and easier to read for them without me needing to write upside down. 

AWWapp has made a great impact in my classroom and any situation when I needed a wireless whiteboard like professional developments or faculty meetings. I highly suggest using this in your class. It will be the solution to many classroom issues like behavior, permanent whiteboards, or tethered computers. 

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