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Math Class Collaboration on Any Device Any Time

As an instructional technology coach, looking for tools that help create a student-centered classroom that engages and includes all students is a must.  Interactive boards or wall mounted whiteboard are limited in few ways: Number of students who can use it at the same time, remote student input when they are not physically in the room, and the ease of keeping the work for future reference. One tool that helps is A Web Whiteboard (AWW). AWW scales these challenges by allowing input for all students, no matter where they are located. Also, it gives teachers the ability to transform a classroom by allowing students to collaborate and communicate on any device at any time.  The advantages and possibilities are endless. Also, the features and ease of use allow for implementation at any grade level.

 Math Class Collaboration with AWW
Student Collaboration in Math Class

Smashing AWW with Screencastify

While I was a coach at the Wilson School District, in West Lawn, PA, students and teachers were using AWW in many creative ways. It allowed teachers and students to communicate with each other in innovative ways. 

One of many creative ways was the smashing of AWW and Screencastify. In Mrs. Hueyett’s 3rd-grade class, at Whitfield Elementary school, students were tasked with creating a how-to video on the commutative properties of multiplication. The property can be a tough concept for students to grasp verbally. With the help of AWW it became a visual and hands-on learning experience.  By combining student research, creativity, AWW, and screencastify students drew out their math problem and voice annotated directions to walk their audience through the process. Students then shared their videos with other students to teach them about the property from a student perspective.

AWW app collaboration in Math Class
Recording AWW App Boards in Math Class

Students love creating with AWW, and the tool gave them the ability to share what they learned with an authentic audience.  The ease and benefits of AWW are an endless asset to schools.  Check out AWW app today and let your student’s creativity take over.  


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Author: Rick Lapi

Instructional Technology Coach Governor Mifflin School District