I have recently been introduced to the AWW app, and immediately began using it in my classroom. What an amazing tool to use with students. This app allows you to annotate on a board, which can be shared with students and they can add their notes as well. Therefore, I find this to be a great collaboration tool, with a whole class or even small groups.

Trigonometry Class with AWW

Just as students work together using Google documents, sheets, or drawings, the AWW app allows students to work together and works great especially in a math classroom. Students can work out problems and also insert pictures. Here are some pictures of the first time we tried it in our Geometry class working on Right Triangle Trigonometry. The following week when students were working on problems, a few students decided to use this tool on their own to work together. Also, I like how you can download the picture images and share them with everyone using any format.
Photo Courtesy of Amy Caputo. Working on Right Triangle Trigonometry

Student Collaboration in Trigonometry Class

Here is a group of students working on a Trigonometry problem, using a board they created to collaborate. Specifically, in this assignment, students were asked to solve a problem and share their work in Google Classroom. The assignment details are also shown below. I look forward to sharing this tool at our next faculty meeting during the ‘Teacher Talk’ share out.
trigonometry class group project
Photo Courtesy of Amy Caputo. Group project assignment
student collaboration in trigonometry class
Photo Courtesy of Amy Caputo. Student Collaboration

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