BETT London 2017 Review: Teachers Needs Beyond Technology

In the wake of the Bett Show that took place two weeks ago in London EXCEL center, our team discussed what have we learned from it. I wanted to share my conclusions with you in a short review.

What Bett Taught Us

AWW was exhibiting at this renowned educational show that lasted four days. There was a huge promenade of startups, enormous corporations and IT giants offering their interactive whiteboards, content software, school safety solutions and so on. I caught myself thinking: I really can’t imagine being in shoes of these teachers, trying to find the right solution for their classrooms. The offer is just too big, information overload is inevitable.

Our primary goal wasn’t to offer our product but to educate ourselves and find out what teachers really need. We are not teachers, and we really don’t know what is going on in the classrooms. But, we are eager to find it out. We strongly believe that market research is the only way to make a proper product and Bett was our perfect opportunity to speak face to face with educators across the world.

BETT London Review

We talked with more than 800 visitors – teachers, school leaders and IT guys. We talked with people from all European countries, Indian subcontinent, China, and UAE. Finally, we came to a staggering conclusion. Although there is a pretty deep level of technology penetration inside schools in terms of interactive hardware and devices for each student, there is an overall confusion and lack of knowledge of how to use it in a meaningful way. By meaningful, I mean using technology to transform classes from traditionally based classrooms to collaboration and discussion oriented flipped classrooms. 80% of our interviewers do not use technology in a way that helps their students to engage with a class. Other 20% use it only sporadically. Technology is there to help, but if not used properly, it simply loses its purpose.

BETT London Review

Next Steps for Teaching Beyond Technology

With the feedback we got from teachers, we have drawn out high-level ideas of what we’re trying to accomplish:

  • Give teachers the power to transform their classes by letting their students be in charge of their learning.
  • Let students explore the content in the way that feels the most comfortable to them.
  • Make a platform that gives students a chance to share the knowledge and collaborate with their friends.
  • Give students a chance to show and elaborate the knowledge from their perspective.

We want to hear your opinion as well. After all, research is a continuous process. So, do not hesitate to reach us and send us your suggestions at

Visit AWW at BETT Show London 2017

AWW is starting this year with a big entrance. Last couple of months we worked hard and made lots of great product updates and now is the time for a show-off! From January 25 to 28, AWW will be showcasing at the world’s leading education technology event, BETT London.

Why to visit BETT Show

BETT is arguably the best place to learn about educational technology this year. The vast number of seminars, exhibitions and presentations will make you shiver in excitement. From international education star, sir Ken Robinson, to world’s most influential social media personas like Charlie McDonnell and creative entrepreneurs like Imogen Heap, everyone can find something to treat himself with. You can find entire seminar agenda here . If you didn’t already, you can still register.

Visit AWW at BETT Show London
Visit BETT Show London

Visit us at C479

We’ll present AWW as an online smart board solution by projecting AWW board from tablets to projection screen. Visitors we’ll be able to try out all premium features on tablets and see how it all shows up on a screen.  We are looking forward to present you last product updates like multiple pages board, permanent board and PDF/PPT upload. At the very show, we’re going to surprise you with another cool product update, which is still in progress.

We are also be there to answer all your questions and to receive all your suggestions. Last, but not least, we’ll be giving special 20% subscription discount to all BETT visitors. 


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