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AWW becomes Miro!

Dear AWW creators, We are proud to announce a new and exciting update in 2021. As of today, February 22nd, AWW ...
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Remote collaboration tools

Top 7 Remote Collaboration Tools for IT Startups

Remote Collaboration - you can't do it right without the right toolkit.  As an IT startup and a company with ...
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remote collaboration hacks

5 Remote Collaboration Hacks for Less Stress and More Productivity

Remote collaboration can be stressful. Whether you work in a virtual team or as a freelancer, you have to collaborate with ...
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business model canvas

Business Model Made Easy: Benefits of the Business Model Canvas

A businesses model is the Holy Grail of every business - a blueprint for your product and how you're gonna ...
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7 reasons to use remote meetings whiteboard to save money and time

7 Reasons To Use Remote Meetings Whiteboard To Save Money & Time

Complex and cumbersome conferencing software is not only a costly investment, but it also lacks flexibility. That's why more and more companies transit to another ...
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Visual collaboration tools for better productivity

10 Ways How Visual Collaboration Can Make You a Productivity Ninja

Many companies use visual collaboration tools when they deal with big projects. They involve people speaking different languages and living ...
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Design Thinking Chronicles: A Beginner’s Guide to Productive Brainstorming [Online Brainwriting Template]

Brainstorming. A brilliantly simple concept for generating new ideas. No wonder it's the most used ideation technique in a design ...
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Design Thinking Chronicles: How to Define the Problem [Free KWL Chart Template]

Defining the problem is an integral part of design thinking process. It requires the clear understanding of the user's needs ...
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How to get to know your customers in design thinking

Design Thinking Chronicles: How to Get to Know Your Customers [Free Empathy Map Template]

Empathy. All people have it. But oftentimes, we forget how to use it. We are used to having presumptions about people ...
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Design thinking and Visual Collaboration

Design Thinking Chronicles: Introduction into Human-Centered Problem Solving

Despite having a word "design" in the name, design thinking is not an exclusive methodology of designers. Many leading international ...
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