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Visual collaboration tools for better productivity

10 Ways How Visual Collaboration Can Make You a Productivity Ninja

Many companies use visual collaboration tools when they deal with big projects, with lots of people, different languages and time ...
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Design Thinking Chronicles: A Beginner’s Guide to Productive Brainstorming [Online Brainwriting Template]

Brainstorming. A brilliantly simple concept for generating new ideas. No wonder it is the most used ideation technique in a ...
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Design Thinking Chronicles: How to Define the Problem [Free KWL Chart Template]

Defining the problem is an integral part of design thinking process. It requires the clear understanding of the user's needs ...
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How to get to know your customers in design thinking

Design Thinking Chronicles: How to Get to Know Your Customers [Free Empathy Map Template]

Empathy. All people have it. But oftentimes, we forget how to use it. We are used to having presumptions about people ...
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Design thinking and Visual Collaboration

Design Thinking Chronicles: Introduction into Human-Centered Problem Solving

Despite having a word "design" in the name, design thinking is not an exclusive methodology of designers. Many leading international ...
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