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If you are a teacher, you’re probably using some sort of LMS system. LMS systems became prevalent these days, as they help teachers and administrative staff to manage their tasks more efficient. LMS platforms are effective and responsive way for educators to create, deliver and manage their content, as well as monitor and assess participation in their class. All that being said, we can all agree that learning management systems are life savers.

Drawing and Sketching inside LMS

Surely, most of you use your LMS as a central place for creating, storing and sharing your lessons, assignment and other instructions. Sharing assignments and quizzes with your students can make your classes more interactive and students more engaged.

Most LMS systems, like Canvas or Moodle, enable you to upload various file formats into your assignments and quizzes. You can upload videos, text files, images and sheets. But, what about whiteboard, a canvas where you can doodle along with your students? Did you ever, as a teacher, have a need to draw out a complex math formula or electric circuit and share your drawings with your students? Did you ever wanted to make a group assignment or discussion, for which a visual note taking tool would come as a perfect solution? Well, I suppose a lots of you have found yourself in a situation like that. No wonder why, because whiteboard is a flexible and simple tool that can be very useful in everyday teaching environment.

Yes, there are a number of whiteboard services and platforms specialized for educators. But they all require you to create an account, remember a password, learn how can you add your students to it etc. There are also plans that don’t allow you to add entire class in a free version, and you have to pay money for it. All that taken into account, it would be so much nicer to have a whiteboard inside your LMS. A System that you already have an account for, your students connected to it and all materials stored in.

Create your Assignments with AWW

With a new AWW embed option, you can create a shared whiteboard and share it via embed link to your assignment right in your LMS dashboard. With just one click you can share an assignment with an entire class. Have your student brainstorm and express themselves visually on the board. Group your students in smaller groups and let them discuss between themselves, using whiteboard to draw up key points. Whether you are using a Moodle or Canvas, AWW works fine and seamless with both.

Copy and Paste Embed Link into LMS

 Have all Materials at One Place

Having AWW lessons in your LMS system makes easier for teachers to organize their classes and have all materials at the same place. There is no need for creating various accounts and remembering different passwords. AWW embed link is available to all users in a free version. You can just enter awwapp.com, create a lesson and embed it into your LMS without the need for registration.


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Author: Dorotea Knezevic

Head of Marketing at AWW. Google certified specialist, content creator and social media enthusiast