Google Classroom Integration With AWW

We in AWW want to redefine the process of learning by empowering teachers with useful educational technology. Therefore, our developer team is constantly working on adapting our features to suite the needs of teachers and students. That is why we started developing set of features that will integrate AWW with Google Classroom. First one in the row is AWW board share to Google Classroom. 

What Can Google Classroom Bring You?

Google Classroom can be considered as the most powerful tool in education technology. It is easy to use tool accessible from all devices. There is a variety of smart ways to use Google Classroom.

You can create an assignment and deliver it with a click of the button. The need for paper wasting is reduced with this tool. You pick from variety of Google Docs from Google Drive to create your assignment. Creating, correcting and validating assessments was never easier than with Google Form quizzes.

One of the greatest things about Google Classroom is sending feedback in real time. Students can make comments on assignments within seconds from their delivery. This is the great way to test how your students feel about your assignment- was it clear, or they need a little bit more help from your side. They can comment privately, so fear from being embarrassed or labeled as less achieving is reduced to zero.

You can also use Google Classroom as an inspirational tool. It is a pool of educational resources collected from a community of teachers. If you don’t feel quite creative or you lack of inspiration to create motivating lesson, you can check on other teachers’ lessons and get inspired by them.

It is a collaboration toolinvite other teachers to join your course and make a group project. Include specialists from different study fields and create interdisciplinary lessons.

Have your introverts to speak up! Stage fright and other limitations of a traditional classroom are diminished for those shy students.

Use Google Classroom as your pin board. Write announcements for your students and their parents using Google Classroom announcements. You can also ask for student and parent feedback sending annual or monthly questionnaires.

GGoogle Classroom share link
Google Classroom share link

Mix AWW With Google Classroom To Make The Best Results

Combining this two apps you’ll make the most of your classroom. Simplicity of AWW and resourcefulness of Google Classroom are winning combination. There are three biggest use cases that will transform your class:

Share your AWW board and use it to create assignments with a click of the button. With a variety of AWW tools, assignments are more creative than ever.

Keep your students in touch by sharing AWW lessons with those that were not able to participate in class due to sickness or other reasons.

Invite senior teachers to your Google Classroom course and use their help, or share it with a group of teachers to make a collaborative project.

Enable Google Classroom
Enable Google Classroom

To unlock this feature you’ll have to sign up on our web page and check the Enable Google Classroom integration box in your account details. When you click on the invite to board button, there will also be a link to share the board on the Google Classroom.


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Author: Dorotea Knezevic

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