Dear AWW creators,


We are proud to announce a new and exciting update in 2021. As of today, February 22nd, AWW is joining forces with Miro.


We started AWW ten years ago out of the desire to build a simple and intuitive whiteboard that could be used and shared by anyone –  from preschool-aged children and their teachers to software developers and designers in multinational corporations.


Since its founding, AWW has been used by millions of people that want to express themselves in creative ways, teach, and collaborate. Today we’re thrilled to offer our users even more ways to connect and innovate in a visual way through Miro.


AWW becomes Miro!


Similar to AWW, Miro offers a digital collaborative whiteboard experience that provides an infinite canvas for visual thought and creativity. With more than 12 million loyal users, including 95% of the Fortune 100, Miro is a leading platform in global collaboration.  


Through integrations and partnerships with over 70 apps users already love, including Asana, Atlassian, Google, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, and an open API platform, Miro brings collaborative whiteboarding capabilities and innovation to a whole new level, while staying true to our original idea of an intuitive whiteboard that allows for clear, visual thinking. With all of the benefits of the AWW whiteboard, plus advanced features for teams around the world, we are confident you will enjoy this updated experience. Miro also has an awesome template library that makes it super easy to get started on nearly any collaborative project you can dream up.


What does this change mean for you?


The focus while creating an updated experience with Miro has always been on our amazing AWW users, ensuring a seamless transition for all of you.


All AWW users will be able to export their boards to an image or to a PDF for premium boards so no creative genius will be lost. After creating a PNG or PDF file, AWW users simply upload it to Miro, via their desktop browser, mobile device, or Miro’s app, where you can quickly pick up right where you left off.


All paying customers, regardless of a yearly or monthly subscription, will receive a discount which gives a one year, free license to the Miro Team plan, which includes an unlimited amount of boards, an unlimited amount of external viewers and commenters, custom templates, integrations and so much more. You will be able to take advantage of this offer until May 1, 2021.  


For our users looking for a similar experience to the free AWW whiteboard, Miro also offers a free plan which gives you three boards for limitless editing and creativity. Miro’s platform also includes Miro Lite, a free whiteboard experience for users who don’t have a Miro account or wish to create one. Miro Lite boards are available for 24 hours, after which they get deleted – perfect for a quick team brainstorm or classroom session. If you’d like to save your boards using Miro Lite, you can simply download them as an image or PDF file for future use. For a full guide to Miro’s variety of unique plans, including those for Team, Business, and Enterprise, read more here.


Last but not least…


We want to thank our users for their loyalty and support throughout this journey! It has been inspiring to see all you’ve created since we began our web whiteboard in 2011.


We look forward to seeing your creativity continue using Miro and are confident it will be the best place to bring your new thoughts and ideas to life. As a purposefully designed platform for a variety of usages and workflows, plus outstanding support and customer success teams, we hope you’ll begin whiteboarding using Miro today.


For even more on the best ways to get started, visit the help center page.

We wish you continued success in advancing your creations and achieving your goals! 


Sending much love from Croatia,

Senko and Zvonimir

Founders of AWW

Author: Dorotea Knezevic

Head of Marketing at AWW. Google certified specialist, content creator and social media enthusiast

  • Paul

    Please don’t! Professional tutor here. I’ve tried every other whiteboard app out there and yours is by far the best. It is the only I’ve found that allows the combination of the following essential features:
    – Quick high quality image upload
    – Zoom
    – Shared Pointer
    – Unlimited Boards
    – Multiple pages within boards

    Scribblar comes close but doesn’t offer unlimited boards. Miro doesn’t offer multiple pages within boards which is a total dealbreaker from a tutoring perspective. I sometimes go through 10+ pages in tutoring sessions, to have this on one huge page would be very messy and not very easy to export and use later as a pdf.

    What are you planning to do with the app? Are you being bought out by Miro? Would you be open to selling your API if you’re not going to use it anymore? I’m absolutely convinced your platform is the best for tutoring…it’s got to stick around.

    • Zvonimir Sabljić

      Hi Paul, thank you for the comment. I’m honored that you like AWW so much. However, AWW will be replaced in about two months with Miro Lite and Miro API. A couple of our users expressed that they cannot replace AWW API with Miro’s API so we thought about a way to help them reimplement the entire API themselves. If you would like to learn more, can you send me an email to and we can set up a call to discuss.

      CEO at AWW

  • Lambros Gavriilidis

    Is there a way to continue using the old Whiteboard? It is the best
    application out there: Simple,light, fast, with hotkeys, image import,
    pdf export. As a physics tutor, I am able to design smoothly and fast as
    I talk, using lines, rectangles and vectors along with colors for an
    awesome result. Most boards (Miro included) tend to be full of useless
    properties, templates, video-call options (while we can use plenty of
    3rd party programs for that like Skype,Viber, Messenger). At first I
    thought that i would visit Miro and just find the board there, I just
    don’t understand in what way did AWW “joined” that Miro! There’s nothing
    left of it there! Please provide a way to pay for the good old AWW…

    • Zvonimir Sabljić

      Hi Lambros, thank you for the comment and for positive words about AWW. Unfortunately, I do have to disappoint you. AWW is being converted to Miro Lite so it will stop existing in it’s current form in about 2 months. However, I assure you that if you give Miro and Miro Lite some time, you will see features that AWW has as well.

      CEO at AWW

      • Lambros Gavriilidis

        I read that AWW will shut down at July 21st instead of April 30rd, is that accurate? Thank you.

        • Zvonimir Sabljić

          Hi Lambros,

          That’s correct. The shut down date is end of July instead of April 30.