5 Ways AI is Changing e-Learning


E-Learning has already proven its effectiveness in comparison with traditional or so-called face-to-face training. Due to the facts and statistics, the e-learning increased the retention rates up to 25-60% in 2016, when the classic way showed only 8-10%. That speaks volumes.


Taking to account that the last 2 years were really breakthrough in the world of technologies and applications, the figures can be much bigger now. Thanks to the cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System), teachers/instructors/lecturers from various colleges and universities can share their knowledge and experience with students worldwide.


Nowadays the AI and ML are revolutionary technologies that are shaping the e-Learning, changing the landscape of the human civilization. Here are top 5 ways the AI will dramatically change the education industry in the upcoming 2019 year.

What is AI?

Anyway, before we leap to the ways, let’s definite what is the AI basically. Briefly speaking, Artificial Intelligence is the computer science and rapidly developing technology that emphasizes the simulation of human intelligence and reaction by machines. It includes such processes as:

  • learning;
  • reasoning;
  • planning;
  • problem solving/self-correction.


When we talk about the most particular and well-known AI applications, we can point out the next ones:

  • speech recognition;
  • expert systems;
  • machine learning;
  • automation;
  • machine/computer vision.

Today AI already impacts on our everyday life and business. It’s obvious that technology is important for the Internet’s future development and use, making everything more personalized and customized.

Top 5 Ways AI is Reshaping e-Learning

Anyway, what is the connection between the AI technology and e-learning? Actually, the education can get a great benefit by means of the technology tools used. Availability and affordability, speed, effectiveness, and personalization is the small part of the profits expected from the deployment of the AI into the studying process. Thus, there are at least 5 ways the AI along with the ML can reshape the learning. Let’s take a closer look at each one step by step.

Greater Speed and Efficiency

Improvements with the same or even higher quality promised are the goal of modern technologies like the AI. So, the Artificial Intelligence implemented into the studying will hasten the process and make it more efficient.


It’s the fact that the behind-the-scenes/tedious work is needed, but it takes some time. And the technology has the potential to automate it. That’s bound to speed up the studying process. What’s more, the AI will be able to forecast a positive outcome and eventuality depending on the student’s goals, preferences, experience, individual needs, pace, etc. And that all will take a seconds only, without a human intervention required.

Artificial Mentoring

Another feature of the technology that can be highly profitable for e-Learning to mention is Artificial Mentoring. The advantage of AI mentors is that they will be available for learners 24/7 via phones/tablets and computers/laptops to provide them help and the info required wherever they need it and wherever they are. The Artificial Intelligence mentors’ aim is to teach as well as to offer the content for studying to reach the goals, serve up videos, etc.

Personalized Learning

The AI will deliver individualized education. Thus, similarly to Netflix that uses ML to improve the recommendations list due to the users’ preferences, AI can personalize the experience for students as well. Therefore, the tech will allow tracking interactions of learners during the course.


That will give the e-learning the possibility to leverage the personalization, suggest specific and targeted content due to the needs and goals of each online student. Herewith, the system will be able to provide a more comprehensive course for students with a lack of basic knowledge and skip some modules for more skilled and advanced learners, for example.

Teaching Assistants

All mentioned above features of AI used in e-Learning are bound to establish more viable training packages that take to account all factors, not only one criteria. The ML system that is a subset of the AI provides a detailed Big Data survey to forecast the outcome that will make possible to get new or more individualized learning opportunities. In such a way, you can get more productive p2p cooperation thanks to the AI solutions.


Each student has different needs, abilities, skills, etc. and that’s why they need personal tutors. And that becomes possible thanks to such AI technologies as educational chatbots that are a useful learning tool widely used nowadays in the schools and colleges worldwide.


The idea of AI chatbots is that they can take some repetitive tasks of the teachers making the educational process more meaningful. Thus, such AI teaching assistants bring the following  facilities for study:

  • answer typical students’ queries fast and immersive;
  • check homework regularly;
  • determine gaps and troubling subjects to create an individual learning program on the data gathered;
  • recommend content and peers to improve the learners’ skills;
  • set goals and monitor the learning progress of each student;
  • analyze the learners’ needs to make personalized recommendations and feedback.

Augmented Content

The AI technology can be used to discover new training content by means of analyzing online systems: video platforms, teaching marketplaces, social platforms, and others. In such a way, the Artificial Intelligence can generate positive outcomes to be applied to new tasks.


Besides that, the technology can be used for creating new content like simple articles. Thus, the augmented learning asset can be produced and adapted to specific channels automatically. Also, if we are about the long articles, for example, the Artificial Intelligence solutions can be used for getting out and after summarizing the key issues as well as enriching its section with relevant multimedia content. It will ease the education process for students.

AI Influence on e-Learning: Summary

Considering all the information and facts above-mentioned in the article, the Artificial Intelligence and the system subsets like ML are dramatically shaping the e-learning industry. The benefits of implementing the technologies into the studying process are quite obvious:

  • automation of grading, providing the educators more time;
  • assessing students and adapting to their individual needs/aims/pace;
  • additional support to students provided by AI tutors around-the-clock.

So, the AI can change where and how we learn new things with a chance to cowork with teachers over the globe, staying on track and studying at the most convenient time for you, and all that at a lower cost.


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