Google Classroom Updates 2017

Google Classroom is a platform that 20 million students, educators, and administrators all over the world use every day to learn, teach, share knowledge and monitor students’ progress. That being said, Google Classroom keeps progressing and improving to meet the needs of its widespread users. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you with 5 Google Classroom updates published in 2017, designed for each of aforementioned groups of users.

Google Classroom Updates for Teachers

Individual Assignments

By default, teachers can post assignments to all students in the class. Starting from January 2017, teachers can post assignments to individual students. This option allows the teacher to make differentiated assignments and apply the more individual approach in the classroom

To make it done, you need to click the triangle next to students button in your course. That will activate the drop down menu where you can choose to select all users or pick individual students.

However, you can not post to individual students if more than one class is included. Also, you can not post individually to more than 100 students at a time.

Google Classroom updates for teachers
Making individual assignments
Teacher Notifications

Google Classroom has updated teacher notifications. Teachers can now see whenever a student submits the assignment past the due date. Also, if a student resubmits a work after a teacher has already reviewed it, a teacher will receive notification.

Inviting via Email

Starting from March 2017, teachers can invite students and co-teachers to their classes via email. Invited user will get an email with the instructions on how to join the class.

Google Classroom Updates for Students

Student Notifications

The new update will help students to turn in their assignments on time. The student will get a notification 24 hours prior to the assignment due date.

Notification Management

Both students and teachers can manage their mobile notification settings. They can choose which type of notifications they want to receive on their mobile devices.

Google Classroom Updates for Personal Accounts

Recently, Google Classroom has announced probably the biggest update of the year! Google for education has broadened its eligible accounts policy and allowed users to sign up with personal Google accounts. 

This is a revolutionary move from Google Classroom, as it actually means that you don’t need to have a G Suite for Education anymore. It opened the doors to all those users who aren’t associated with any school. Homeschooling parents, online tutors and life long learners can now create their Google Classroom accounts.

However, there is a catch. Although you can create Google Classroom account with a personal Google account, you can not yet create your classes. At this moment, you can only join an existing class. Creating feature will be available over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can ask Google to let you create your class before that. When you click a create a class button, the notification box will open. Click the “Let us know” link on the bottom that will lead you to Google form. Fill it out and wait for a response.

Google Classroom Updates

Google Classroom Updates for Administrators

User Metrics

As a G Suite for Education administrator you access users metrics like weekly active users, a number of active classes, created courses and posts. These metrics should help administrators to reduce paperwork and measure the success of both teachers and students.

Google Classroom Updates from AWW

Last week AWW introduced an update of Google Classroom board share. With this enhanced version, teachers and students can have more integrated user experience of AWW and Google Classroom.

Teachers can now create assignments, announcements and ask questions from within AWW board, while students can turn in their completed assignments directly from the application.

Google Classroom Updated with AWW
Sending Assignments in AWW

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Author: Dorotea Knezevic

Head of Marketing at AWW. Google certified specialist, content creator and social media enthusiast

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